The jolly
children's party
with Clown Bobo from Berlin!

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Celebrate your child's birthday without stress- but lots of fun! Clown Bobo visits you at your home with his join-in program for kids.

The children take part in Clown Bobo's magic tricks. A few tricks may fail, of course, which pleases the young audience. Everybody must help then to make the tricks work.

Clown Bobo's program also includes some exercises. The kids may try, if they wish, to juggle with clubs, cloths, plastic plates . . .

You may also book Clown Bobo together with his companion, Magician Yupp. Enjoy a short excerpt of their latest show in this video

Games for happy children's birthday parties

Wigs and hats game

Chairs are being placed in the center of the room. We put wigs and hats on the seats of these chairs. Now our party guests form a circle around these chairs. We make sure that there is one less wig or hat than participating kids involved in the game. We start the music. After a sudden stop the children grab a wig or hat and put it on. The player without wig or hat is out. Now we take out another wig or hat and the music starts again. We repeat this over and over until there is only one player remaining.- Important: make sure there is always one less wig or hat than there are kids.- Finally the last two players will try getting the only wig or hat. Great fun!

This party classic makes them laugh...

The kids line up in two teams. Without the use of their hands, each is to pass a balloon, an apple, an orange or a rubber ball from chin to chin down the line to the last child. If the object being passed along is falling on the ground, that team will have to start all over from the begining of the line. The first team succeeding to pass the object all the way to the end of the line without dropping it gets rewarded. Important: no hands allowed in this game!

Unwrap the package

Before the party starts we wrap up some candy or small toy that all the children will want. Then we wrap it up again, and again and again over and over layers. We can wrap up boxes within boxes – anything is permitted to make the game last for a while to build up excitement. Then we have all kids sit in a circle. The first child may unwrap the first layer. The second child takes over unwraping the next layer.....until the last kid unwraps the final layer and the gift is revealed. This child may keep the gift! Depending on the age of our party guests you may add another difficulty: each kid involved in unwraping is allowed to only use cutlery (knife and fork) instead of the hands....

Picture Party Game

We tape a picture on the back of each of the kids. (Such pictures can be taken out of magazines or any other source. These pictures could illustrate animals, bugs....) We have the kids start asking questions to each other to find out „what in the world they are“! These questions, however, may only be answered with a „yes“ or „no“! Possible questions could be like „am I brown?“, „do I have wings?“, „do I have legs?“ The kid knowing the correct picture first is the winner!

Funny Game: The Message Relay

All kids sit in a circle. Ask the birthday child to think a silly phrase or sentence that may relate to the theme of the party. The birthday child whispers its message to the child on its right side. That kid will whisper the message to the next child on the right side until the message goes round all the way up to that child who is sitting left of the birthday child who repeats the message out loud.- Thenafter the birthday child speaks out what the original sentence was. Everyone then gets a turn to come up with a sentence. The more the original phrase gets mixed up – the more fun it is!

Performing Musical Statues

We have all kids move to the center of the room. We then start playing music related to the party theme. All kids start dancing around, moving in silly positions. Suddenly the music stops and everyone gets in a freeze like statues. Anyone moving now is out of the game. We then start the music again and all party members start dancing and moving around in silly positions until the music stops again. We repeat the game until only one person is left. This child is the winner!